Shirley Enebrad knows what it is to help a loved one fight a terminal illness, and how to cope with the range of emotions, questions, and grief, both during the illness and after death. She’s an accomplished author of two books: Over the Rainbow Bridge (2009), the story of her young son, Cory, and his inspiring journey as he battled leukemia, and Six Word Lessons on Coping with Grief; 100 Lessons to Help You and Your Loved Ones Deal with Loss (2013).

Shirley has been at the forefront of grief counseling, helping thousands of people over the years when there were few resources available for those dealing with loss. She’s a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and conducts workshops for children, teens and adults. She also does one-on-one grief work with individuals.

Shirley provides inspiration to help others touched by loss and grief in her workshops, books and speaking engagements through sharing the story of her son, Cory, who died at a young age from leukemia. Cory’s short life and the lessons he shared were a gift to thousands of people worldwide thanks to his loving relationship with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the noted psychiatrist and author of On Death and Dying (1969). Please visit the Contact page if you’re interested in having Shirley speak or conduct a workshop.